TI3 Stats

What is it?

TI3 Stats Tracker is a simple app for Android devices to keep track of all of the racial abilities and technology bonuses that apply to any of the ships or ground forces in the board game Twilight Imperium, 3rd Edition, by Fantasy Flight Games.


How does it work?

Swipe to the left and right to find players 1-8. Pick the race for each player. It will automatically set their starting technologies and adjust their unit stats appropriately. As each player acquires technology, click the “Tech…” button for that player and check the appropriate technology. Their unit stats will be automatically adjusted.

It will also retain all player information, even if the device is shut off. There is a reset option in the menu to erase all of the players stats and start from scratch.

Set which expansions you are using to only show relevant units, races, and tech. Also, the tech panel shows which techs your race can legally acquire based on the other techs you already have.

Download TI3 Stats from the Google Play Store


About TI3 Stats

TI3 Stats is a fan-made creation, and the creator is in no way affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games. The board game Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition is copyright (c) Fantasy Flight Games.

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