Butter Fingers

Are your fingers fast enough to save the world? Help out your robot friend and tap the objects to stop them from falling. Over 45 levels of fast finger action, with lots of different objects to juggle. This simple yet addictive game is perfect to play when you’ve got just a couple of minutes to spare.

The concept is simple: in each level, objects will drop from the top of the screen. Your job is to tap them to juggle them back up. If you can keep them up until the timer runs out, you pass the level! Sounds simple, but it gets hard. Some objects have sharp edges you have to avoid, but there are also Power Ups to help you on your mission.

Good luck! The fate of the world rests on your fingers.

Download Butter Fingers from the Android Market.



Butter Fingers was created and implemented by Ryan Weisenberger and Brad McMullen

Butter Fingers uses the Skate Canyon Games Framework, which was conceived by Ryan Weisenberger and Pradeep Mahdevu.

Special Thanks to the Play Testers:

Justin Beach, Steve Thannisch, Andrew Beall, Jeff Hibser, The Farias Family, David Schnepper, Julie Larson (Kindle Fire! Yay!), Bryan Pray, Scott Weiner, Eric Barr, and Erin Myers (once her phone finally updated).

Thanks, everyone, for your input and support.


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