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  1. Dominic Hibbert says:

    Hi, I’ve been using your twilight imperium app for a while on the samsung galaxy 2 and it was really good, great app, and so useful as i play a couple of times a month, but since the update it’s unusable.
    Due to the nature of the phone it’s difficult to take a direct screenshot of the problem but when you bring the tech menu up it’s only about 1cm wide in the middle of the screen and the tech names read vertically downwards.
    I realise this problem may only be on a few types of phone and the app is free so if you could just point me towards somewhere i could download the previous version you would make me very happy as i really miss being able to use it.
    Thanks again

  2. admin says:

    Hey Dominic –

    This issue has been fixed in the latest version (1.8.1). Head over to Google Play to get the update.


  3. Fillem says:

    Hi, concerning the TI stats, not sure if you’re still supporting this but…

    Would be nice to have a sustained damage summary.
    Summary of number of techs by colour.


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