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3Game RulesBug ReportLowLowNekro Virus should not show warning when the player doe...Assigned
Task Description

Was playing TI today as The Nekro Virus, & the Tech part of the app had the Prerequisites crossed out & a warning pop up. The Necro’s racial ignores prereqs.

12UIBug ReportMediumHighSometimes the app loses all dataUnconfirmed
Task Description

The app constantly resets itself, forgetting the input techs, but remembering player names.

Problem: after restored from background-all data erased into null.

-Maded 7 races,
-Pressed home button on device,
-Opened another apps: vk, cam shoot e t c
-your app restored from background

Result: all entered data resetted

It loses data sometimes. (happened to me and a kolega)

10UIFeature RequestLowLowReset shouldn't change the expansions in useRequires testing
Task Description

(maybe) Make it so that “Reset” does not reset which expansions are
present. Players are usually going to play with the expansions they
have and not change expansions when starting a new game.

13UIFeature RequestMediumLowShare data between devicesAssigned
Task Description

share data between devices

5UIFeature RequestMediumLowSet the piece color for each player for easier identifi...Assigned
Task Description

Have a widget in the UI for each player in which the user can set the color of the plastic pieces that the player is using.

7UIFeature RequestLowLowAllow user to specify the number of players, thereby hi...Assigned
Task Description

Add an option to specify the number of players in the game
(henceforth called maxnumber), players with higher number should be
hidden (this is important for the next feature)

8UIFeature RequestLowLowMake swiping between the players circularAssigned
Task Description

Make swiping between the players circular. When swiping forward from
“Player maxnumber”, go back to “Player 1”. When swiping backwards from
“Player 1”, go to “Player maxnumber”.

9UIFeature RequestLowLowAllow swiping between players in technology viewNew
Task Description

Currently the “Tech” button opens some kind of overlay. Change the
behavior so that it acts as a button that toggles between the units
statistics view and the technology view. Swiping left/right should
change the player even in the technology view. In the game multiple
players will usually research technologies during the same action.
Current workflow: Open Tech -> add technology for player 1 -> Close
Tech -> swipe -> Open Tech -> add technology for player 2 -> Close
Tech -> ...
New workflow: Open Tech -> add technology for player 1 -> swipe -> add
technology for player 2 -> ... -> Close Tech

14UIFeature RequestLowLowOption to hide tech that can't be researchedNew
Task Description

option to hide tech that cant be researched

15UIFeature RequestLowLowTrack whose turn it is, and what kind of turn (own or s...New
Task Description

track whos turn it is, and what kind of turn(own or secondary action)(we play while having our work brakes)

16UIFeature RequestLowLowSummary view that shows all players at once, for possib...New
Task Description

My newest request is a “screensaver” where all players’ stats are shown.
Like combat mode, but with all players.
What I want to do is to mirror my tablet to a large screen everybody can see all the time.

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